Why use APFC Panels

Industries With Low Power Factor

Industries With Low Power Factor

Modern Industries use Large Nos. of AC Motors, DC Drives, Rectifiers, Invertors, Compressors, Inductive Furnaces and Welding Machines, causing poor Power Factor of the System. The Reactive Power requirement in such Industries varies rapidly within every few cycles. The response speed of the conventional Power Factor Controller is not suitable to take care of rapid switching cycle. The Conventional Power Factor Control System incorporates Electromechanical Switches to Switch Capacitors and or not suitable for Fast switching where the load is rapidly changing.

Power (KVA) Supplied by Electricity Boards consist of Real Power (KW), which Produce energy & reactive power (KVAR) generated by Inductive Loads, which decreases the loading capacity & the efficiency of the Supply System. The Power Factor (PF) is defined as a ratio between the Real Power & the Total Power. Electricity Boards charge heavy Penalty to H.T. Consumer, if the Power Factor of the system is below a required minimum average value. Power Factor of the System can be improved by switching Capacitors as per KVA demand with the help of Automatic Power Factor Controllers.

Also fast switching of Capacitors and Contractors results in inherent stresses on the Capacitors and on the Switchgear components.

Uncompensated reactive power leads to poor Power Factor. Voltage instability, flickering, high current consumption, increased Maximum Demand, high losses, low electric supply, loading capacity and overrating of switchgears & cables results in high wear and tear and high maintenance cost.

In industry most of the load is inductive in nature which results in lagging power factor that is why there is loss and wastage of energy which results in high power bills and heavy penalties from electricity boards. If the load is uneven it is very difficult to maintain unity power factor. To overcome this difficulty APFC panel is used which maintains unity P.F.

With an APFC the energy producer can:

• Avoid Penalization for lower power factor.
• Enjoy incentives for higher power factor operation being extended to Industries by some   Electricity Boards/ Companies.
• Optimize the connected load for improved plant load factor.
• Avoid manual disruption.
• Avoid high current consumption losses.
• Improvement in voltage regulation.
• Decrease Maximum Demand KVA, thus avoiding penalty and Demand Charges.

An Automatic Power Factor Correction (Controller) panel or in short APFC Panel is used to Save Energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor. Low Power Factor leads to poor power efficiency, thereby increasing the apparent power drawn from the distribution network. This result in overloading of Transformer, Bus bars, Switch gears, Cables and other distribution devices within the Industry or consumer area.

Features And Applications :

High speed power factor correcting system are designed to compensate the reactive power of any load or equipment requireing P.F. correction within a one cycle of opearating frequency or time delay of 30 sec to 5 min after command signal from APFC controller.

Renders the distribution network more stable since there is no contactor switching causing high voltage transients, spikes, harmonics and other disturbances by applying zero cross over voltage switching ON and zero current switch OFF of the capacitors.

Prevents voltage drop and fickering reduces failures in highly sophisticated electronic equipments like PLCs, computers and other control systems.

Helps in reducing maximum demand and RKVAH consumption hence substantial reduction in monthly electricity triff.

It is highly suitable for spot welding applications where the reactive energy is to be compensated for a short period of 200 msec or less and for a number of times in a second.

Accurate power factor control even in the presence of harmonics.

Applications :

Textile Machineries
Printing Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
CNC Machine
Film Industry
Food Processing industry
Farm house
Engineering Plant
Automobile Industry
IT industry

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  • Wow, APFC Panels are just awesome. There Design help us reduce power factor, Avoid Power Factor penalty, Reduction in Maximum Demand (KVA), Reduction in Energy (KWH) consumption, Claim higher Power Factor incentives etc.A K Singh, Shubha Power, Mumbai.

  • Wow, Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels are just awesome. They are high quality designed and field tested APFC Panels, so i changed all my old APFC Panels with Automatic Power Factor Correction PanelRajan, Madurai.

  • Wow, There Automatic Power Factor Controller, Thyristor Switched Capacitors Design help us longer life of the existing electrical distribution components like transformer, switch gears, cables, etc. They are high quality designed and field tested APFC PanelsCV Gupta, Control Signals, Delhi, India.

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